The Benefits of Digital Radiography Outweigh the Risks

dental team looking at x-rays

By Victoria Benvenuto, RDH, EdM; Olga Gnatovych, RDH, MEd; and Kaitlin Stier, RDH, MPH

Dental hygienists are well aware of the benefits of dental radiography, which is key to proper diagnosis and treatment. While imaging enables clinicians to evaluate periodontal health and identify caries lesions, they are also valuable in observing orthodontia and anatomical abnormalities, and even identifying certain types of cancers.1 However, some patients may be wary of dental radiography due to the inherent risks involved in radiation exposure. While film-based dental radiography exposed patients to higher levels of radiation, advances in radiographic equipment and technology led to digital imaging, which significantly reduces patients’ exposure to radiation. Dental hygienists are well positioned to educate patients on safety precautions, benefits vs risks, and other sources of radiation exposure they may unknowingly receive through their daily routine.

* References can be found in the original article via the link below.
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