Sunday, June 26, 2022

Landing a Job

Letter of resignationl

We’ve all been there—a toxic work environment, a practice that offers limited opportunities for growth, a bad manager, or you’ve outgrown the position. No matter the reason for leaving a dental office, there are some rules to follow when exiting a job.  GIVE NOTICE Provide a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice. While employers appreciate plenty of notice when...

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A patient with dental anxiety.

Dimensions Brand Ambassador Veronica Bonta, RDH, BS, offers dental hygiene students some insight on how to best manage difficult patients in your dental chair.  “You can’t please everyone,” my boss said. He just delivered the news that a patient called him to complain about me. He is a very understanding dentist who, despite having just gotten an earful...

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Mentorship is important in the dental hygiene profession as a mentor can provide much-needed guidance to dental hygiene students. Plus, mentors are there to lend an ear after graduation if or when a new dental hygienist has questions about job transition, pursuing higher education, or changing ops. Here are some ways to find a mentor.  1. DENTAL HYGIENE...

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Woman at a job interview

Being told today is your last day can be the most difficult words to hear. But you can—and will—bounce back from the disappointment of being let go. Here some ways to get back on your feet and land a new position.  1. BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF Getting fired is not fun. Being told you no longer have a...

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What Not to Say in an Interview

You’ve applied to several employment postings or have been called in for interviews, but you have yet to receive a job offer. Why is it taking so long to land a position? Consider these 5 common mistakes that may be holding you back from getting hired.  1. YOU DON’T STAND OUT It’s easy to forget the person who...

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Landing the perfect job directly after graduation is the dream of many dental hygiene students, but what if you face difficulty in finding a job? Here are some ways to find your next job.  1. LINKEDIN Take your LinkedIn profile up a notch by keeping your resume, qualifications, and “about me” section up to date. Switch on the...

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Stressed out student

We all have had those days—or weeks—in the office when things do not go as planned. Maybe you received some negative patient feedback or your dentist was demanding. Either way, making mistakes or being reprimanded by a manager can knock your self-confidence. Here are some ideas on how to take criticism in stride, and find your self-confidence.  TAKE...

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Dimensions Brand Ambassador Melissa Calhoun, BAS-DH, RDH, shares about her experiences temping in various dental offices, and provides tips on how to be successful in temping.  When I began working as a dental hygienist 15 years ago, I pictured myself working in a single practice my entire career. Once I became a Navy spouse, I realized that staying...

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