Endodontics 101 for Dental Hygienists

Endodontic Diagnosis for the Dental Hygienist
By Eugene A. Pantera, JR, DDS, MS, and Carole T. Pantera, DDS, MS

Dental hygienists play an important part in the identification and treatment of oral disease, including endodontic disease. Unfortunately, the discipline of endodontics is not typically covered sufficiently in dental hygiene education. This may be due to the fact that the Commission on Dental Accreditation Dental Hygiene Standard 2-8c: Dental Sciences does not include endodontics. As the intent of this standard is to “…provide the student with knowledge of oral health and disease,” it is regrettable that endodontics is not included, especially because endodontic disease is common and can be debilitating.

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