Manage Erosive Tooth Wear With Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Strategies for Managing Erosive Tooth Wear
By Alex J. Delgado, DDS, MS and Vilhelm G. Ólafsson, DDS, MS

Erosive tooth wear is a multifactorial condition comprising various clinical terms. To help lend insights into this concept, this article will examine risk factors and management of dental erosion. In 1970, Pindborg defined dental erosion as the irreversible loss of tooth structure by a chemical process that does not involve bacteria. Recently, the term biocorrosion has been suggested as more appropriate because it embraces a degradation of tooth substance caused by endogenous and exogenous acids. This process, in combination with mechanical wear, such as abrasion and attrition, is collectively known as erosive tooth wear, and it is a public health concern. One study examined 17,061 children, and among those aged 5 and 6, 25% of the primary dentition exhibited erosive tooth wear that involved dentin exposure. Diagnosis at an early stage may decrease the risk of wear reaching a pathological state that requires restorative intervention.

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